MHM Automation is recognised for providing innovative and reliable systems and equipment that improve safety and optimise product quality. Our product range includes:

Chilling & Freezing
Chilling & Freezing
Materials Handling
Materials Handling
Palletising & Conveying
Palletising & Conveying
Post Harvest 60
Pressure Vessels
Pressure Vessels
Reverse Packaging
Reverse Packaging
Timber & Sawmilling
Timber & Sawmilling
Spare Parts & Service
Spare Parts & Service
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HC 3 D De Palletiser
3D De-Palletising (3DD)

Automates the removal of cartons from pallets stacked in random patterns and with multiple carton sizes.

Mercer Acid Tanks
Acid Tanks

Custom-designed and fabricated storage tanks for suitable for chemicals and acids.

MERCER SCE Architectural Features
Architectural Features

Stainless steel fabrication of sculptures and architectural features for domestic and commercial projects.

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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

High performance ASRS shuttle and elevator system. Suitable for chilled and frozen products.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Safely automate pallet and crate movements, even in a congested working environment.

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BetaPrep Gusseter

Prepares bagged cheese blocks for vacuum sealing.

Beta Test

In-line leak detection system for vacuum packed cheese blocks and other products.

Beta Turn

Re-orientate products before or after vacuum packing and save space on the production line.

Beta Vac

Industry-leading vacuum packaging system for cheese and other products.

Scotts Boiler
Boilers and Heat Plants

Custom designed and fabricated multi-fuel boilers and heat plants.

Bruks Chipping System

A complete range of drum and disc wood chippers for low and high throughput operations.

SCE BSP Bulk Storage Silos
Bulk Storage Silos

Site-constructed silos, suitable for biogas, waste water treatment plants and aluminium smelters.

Ai Co Erector
Carton Erectors

Automatically erect cartons at speeds of 10-25+ cartons per minute. Solutions for chilled and frozen product.

Ai Co Lidder edit
Carton Lidders and Closers

Automatically place and seal lids on cartons. Compact machine designed for chilled and frozen products.

Milmeq Cheese Cooling Tunnel
Cheese Cooling Tunnels

A variation of the SRT for cheese processors, providing fast chilling to preserve product quality.

SCE rocktec conveyors

Custom designed conveyor systems for all applications, including in-plant, long distance overland and stockpiling conveyors.

Mercer Cooking Vessels
Cooking Vessels

Kettles, pressure cookers, cooking pans, mixing, pasteurising and cooling vessels.

H&C De-Palletise, De-Carton, Re-Palletise system (DDRP-40)
De-Palletise, De-Carton, Re-Palletise (DDRP-40)

De-palletise, de-box and re-palletise 40lb / 20kg cheese blocks the efficient way.

SCE De Barking
Debarking Systems

A complete range of debarking systems, including head, ring and drum debarkers.

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Defect and Foreign Object Detection (DFOD)

Inspects naked cheese blocks for mould and foreign material prior to further processing.

Mercer dished and flanged heads
Dished and Flanged Heads

Custom-fabricated dished ends and heads for pressure vessels, tanks and other applications.

VP Series 170x340 on steel legs fertilizer resized
Fabric Sheds

A versatile and cost-effective solution for grain storage.

Plate freezer Milmeq Linley Valley Pork edited copy
FCF Plate Freezers

Fast, energy efficient freezing of product in cartons or boxes. 24-hour cycle for 27kg meat cartons.

Gantry Palletiser and De palletiser SIMPAL50 1
Gantry Palletiser and De-Palletiser

Affordable and reliable palletising and de-palletising solution, ideal for medium throughput operations.

Conveyor belt
Grain Belt Conveyors

Achieve high capacity while maintaining gentle handling and minimal maintenance.

Nutrien Galva IL
Grain Blenders

Processing solutions for agricultural raw materials.

Flat Bottom Cotts Full System Farm
Grain Bucket Elevators

Standard elevator sizes and capacities as well as customer designs for special applications.

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Grain Chain Conveyors

Suitable for a wide range of processing applications, from small to large scale, ensuring minimal degradation.

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Grain Drying

Drying systems for grain, wheat and other free-flowing products. A full range of mobile and fixed solutions.

Turnkey Milltec Installation 1
Grain Milling

Milling equipment for rice milling, pulses processing, maize milling and seeds processing.

AGI Food Ribbon Mixer Shot
Grain Mixers

Standard mixers and customisable blending systems to suit your commercial or farm applications.

Grain Silos Hero Queensland and NSW
Grain Silos

Storage systems that protect valuable grain. Solutions for on-farm and large-scale commercial use.

SCE Grain Stacker
Grain Stackers

Industry-leading mobile grain stacker with drive over grid for handling bulk grain and wheat.

SCE Guarding

Complete solutions to machinery guarding to meet the latest safety standards.

SCE Hide Processor
Hide Processor

Complete processing for all animal hide products.

HC High Speed Universal Robotic Box Cutter HS UBC
High Speed Universal Robotic Box Cutter (HS-UBC)

Opens boxes of varying shapes and sizes at high speed, for non-sanitary operations.

Kone Crane

World-leading crane technology for a broad range of industrial lifting applications.

SCE Log Processing
Log Processing Equipment

Handling and processing equipment for large and small diameter logs.

Ai Co Compactor
Meat Compactor

Automatically compact meat in corrugated cartons, to deliver flat boxes for efficient container loading.

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Mechanical De-Bagger (DB-40-12)

Automates the removal of vacuum bags from 20kg / 40lb blocks of cheese.

HC De Boxer
Mechanical De-Boxer (DC-40-16)

Removes cardboard cartons from 20kg / 40lb blocks of cheese at a rate of 16 blocks per minute.

Cobots for website
MHM Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Cobots work safely alongside people to automate repetitive tasks.

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MHM Stainless Benching

Custom fabrication of stainless steel benches and features for commercial and domestic applications.

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Micro Dosing

Highly accurate weighing system for dosing micro feed ingredients with precision.

SCE Bridge Strengthening
Mild Steel Fabrication

Custom design and fabrication for projects large and small. Specialists in hydro gates and bridge strengthening.

Leadmermac Planer Moulder

Four-sided timber moulders, from standalone machines to complete auto-planning moulder line solutions.

Milmeq MRT Tunnel
MRT Chilling and Freezing Tunnels

Automatic carton tunnel that accommodates various product types with different chilling or freezing times.

SCE Omeco Plywood Processing
Plywood Processing

A full range of equipment for plywood processing.

Mercer Powder Bin
Powder Bins and Hoppers

Custom-manufactured hoppers and storage bins for powders and free-flowing solids.

PV Valve
Pressure Vacuum Valve

A patented system for road and rail tankers, providing protection during filling, emptying and transportation.

Mercer Road Rail Tanks
Road and Rail Tanks

Stainless steel tanks and tankers for transportation of liquids by road and rail. Insulated or non-insulated.

HC Robotic De Bagger DBMB
Robotic De-Bagger (DBMB)

Automates the removal of vacuum bags from multiple cheese block types and sizes.

Roboticdeboxingcell edit resized webp
Robotic De-Boxing Cell (DDRP-MB)

De-palletise, de-box, re-palletise and process multiple blocks the efficient way with the Robotic De-Boxing Cell.

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Robotic Palletising System

Efficient and reliable stacking of boxes onto pallets in high throughput operations.

SCE Screen Cleaner
Screen Cleaners

Screen cleaners and waste conveyors for the intake screens of hydro power stations.

Bruks Screening Solution
Screening Solutions

Screens to suit a variety of wood chip screening applications.

Sim Pal
Simplified Palletising

Compact palletising and de-palletising system for smaller operations.

Milmeq 11 AUGUST2016 JACKHARLEM 51

Spare parts and after-sales service are available for all products supplied by MHM Automation.

Double drum spiral freezer Resized for web
Spiral Freezers and Chillers

High performance system for freezing, chilling and cooling packaged and unpackaged food.

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SRT Chilling and Freezing Tunnels

Automatic carton tunnels providing fast freezing or chilling of meat and poultry products.

Milmeq SSO Plate Freezer Midfield Meats edited formatted
SSO Plate Freezers

The world’s largest horizontal plate freezers with a 24-hour freezing capacity of up to 3,017 cartons.

Mercer Stainless Silos
Stainless Silos and Tanks

Suitable for storing and blending liquids, powders and free-flowing solids. Custom-fabricated.

Mercer Stainless Fabrication Stanhope AOM 6
Stainless Steel Fabrication

Custom design and fabrication, with extensive experience working on complex, high-end projects.

Stenner ST100 R Bandsaw

Leading wide bandsaw technology, with a range of horizontal and vertical resaws for primary and secondary processing.

System TM Finger Jointing

Large capacity, high performance finger jointing equipment. Horizontal and vertical finger jointers.

System TM timber processing system

Complete line solutions for secondary processors of timber products. Custom designed and built.

SCE Timber Stacking
Timber Storage and Stacking

Sling sorters, bin sorters and stacker lines for a diverse range of board sizes.

HC Apple Tube Filling 3
Tube Filling & Lidding

Robotic system to fill tubes with product. Developed for apple packing but could be customised to other applications.

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Universal Robotic Box Cutter (UBC)

Opens boxes of varying shapes and sizes, without operator intervention. Suitable for hygienic wash down.

Vertical plate freezer resized
Vertical Plate Freezers

Vertical plate freezers, designed to achieve optimal product quality while minimising costs through an efficient freezing process.

Aico Weigh Inline Scale Labeller
Weigh Inline Scale and Labeller

A durable and reliable machine for weighing, scanning and labelling. Suitable for hygienic wash down.

Mercer Wine Tanks
Wine and Beer Tanks

Custom-fabricated tanks for fermentation and storage of wine and other beverages.

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Wyma Bunkers & Hoppers

Vital for storing and managing freshly gathered produce.

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Wyma Coolers

Combat food waste with effective post-harvest cooling.

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Wyma Destoners

Preserving crop quality and safeguarding equipment.

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Wyma Fillers

Automating the packaging and filling processes after harvest.

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Wyma Polishers

Elevating crop quality through post-harvest polishing.

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Wyma Processing Lines for Carrots

Providing a complete line solution.

Post harvest fruit processing line resized for web
Wyma Processing Lines for Fruit

Where precision, efficiency, and quality converge.

002 E Evenflow 6 resized for web
Wyma Processing Lines for Onions

On demand and gentle.

006 A Flat Bed Brusher 10 resized for web
Wyma Processing Lines for Potatoes

Providing a complete line solution.

Post harvest washing formatted for web
Wyma Washers

Extending the shelf-life of your fresh produce.

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