Mild Steel Fabrication

Custom design and fabrication for projects large and small. Specialists in hydro gates and bridge strengthening.

Industry Industrial Med
Custom design and fabrication for projects large and small.

MHM Automation provides fabrication for a wide range of projects, including the ability to meet complex, high-end fabrication requirements.

Our New Zealand-based workshops are ISO9001 accredited.

Bridge Repairs & Strengthening

We have extensive experience with bridge repairs and strengthening.

Hydro Gates

We specialise in the fabrication of hydro gates and frames. Our workshop is set up with flat bed floors to minimise distortion and to achieve the close tolerances required.

Heavy Fabrication

We have a substantial manufacturing facility of 5,000m2 with fully sealed 1.7h laydown/external construction area. Separate fabrication, machining, fitting departments and paint shop.

Our planners, management and tradesmen are experienced in fabrication, to close tolerances, welding up to 150mm thick plate, bisalloy and stainless steel plate and heavy truss building.

  • 3,000 man hours/week capable workshop
  • Ready shippable items up to 38m long, 8m wide and 30T. Larger equipment would require special permits
  • 1200amp SAW (Sub-arc welder)
  • 4m SAW boom and tractor unit
  • High definition CNC profile plasma cutter
  • 2 x 12.5T over head cranes
  • 2 x 8T mobile cranes
  • 2 x 5T overhead cranes
  • 100T manipulators suitable for penstocks, pile casings and towers
  • Pre-cambered beams and structures

Southern Cross Engineering (SCE)

SCE is well-known for its expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing equipment within the meat, dairy, grain, timber, and infrastructure sectors across New Zealand and Australia. In 2021, we completed the acquisition of SCE.
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