Vertical Plate Freezers

Vertical plate freezers, designed to achieve optimal product quality while minimising costs through an efficient freezing process.

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Designed to freeze big quantities of food products quickly, this rapid freezing technique ensures a long-lasting high quality of the food.


Our vertical plate freezers are designed to achieve optimal product quality while minimising costs. With a generous capacity, ergonomic features, and a user-friendly design for easy cleaning, these plate freezers contribute to a more efficient freezing process.

The freezer is equipped with several vertical plates, with empty spaces in between. Simply place your desired food products in these empty spaces. The plates are cooled to a low temperature, efficiently freezing large quantities of food. The result is frozen blocks that are convenient to handle.

Utilising a plate freezer allows for significantly faster freezing of various food types compared to traditional air blast freezers. Importantly, this efficiency is achieved without a proportional increase in energy consumption or handling costs. In industries such as seafood processing, a high-speed freezing facility is essential for seamless operations.


  • No packaging - products are loaded directly into the gaps between the plates, eliminating the need for trays or bags. This direct loading not only accelerates freezing times but also prevents any damage to the packaging.
  • Rapid freezing - The vertical plate freezer facilitates the rapid freezing of raw food products by employing a direct contact freezing method. This approach not only results in significant energy savings but also reduces freezing durations compared to conventional air blast freezers.
  • Product quality - Vertical plate freezers play a crucial role in the raw frozen foods industry. The rapid dual-contact freezing process is essential for preserving product quality, preventing discoloration, and averting enzymatic and cellular breakdown in the food items.
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