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Preserving crop quality and safeguarding equipment.

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Post-harvest destoning focuses on separating stones, debris and other heavy particles from harvested crops, ensuring product purity and quality.

By effectively removing these impurities, destoning safeguards downstream equipment, prevents damage, and upholds the overall quality of the produce.

Tank Destoner

The Tank Destoner has been designed to gently separate stones from produce before washing and pre-inspection cycles.

Produce, stones and debris enter the water filled tank, where a water jet directs the movement of produce towards the outfeed. Stones falling through the water to the bottom of the tank are carried away on the stone elevator for disposal. A pump draws water from either a Wyma water tank or other equipment on the line and exits with the regular waste dumping.

A Tank Destoner is essential for heavy soil loading conditions and when removal of sharp/flat stones is required. Use as an independent unit, as a component of our Combi-System or as part of a line.

Suitable for all root vegetables.

Cyclone Destoner

The Cyclone Destoner gently separates stones from produce, using the differing densities between the two.

Produce and stones are fed into a moving well of water in the Cyclone Destoner cone. Produce stays near the water surface and exits via an outfeed flume.

Stones are denser than produce, so they fall through the water to the bottom of the cone. From there, a stone elevator carries them to a chute for disposal.

The Cyclone Destoner allows more settling time than a Flume Destoner, making it suitable for stones with flat surfaces that may slow down their descent. It has a larger footprint than a Flume Destoner, but also provides the advantage of produce pre-soak.

It is particularly good for carrots.

Flume Destoner

The Flume Destoner removes stones from produce flow to minimise damage to produce and equipment in your processing line. It uses the different densities of stones and produce to separate them.

Produce and stones enter together and meet a rising column of water. Produce is conveyed gently across the column while stones fall down the stone duct onto an elevator for removal.

Learn more: https://www.wymasolutions.com/product-category/destoning


Wyma post-harvest vegetable and fruit handling equipment is recognised as world leading and used by processors in more than 50 countries. We added Wyma to our portfolio through an acquisition in 2023.

The Wyma product range includes bulk product handling, washing, drying, peeling, cooling, inspection, packaging and more. Complete line solutions are available for processing carrots, onions, potatoes and fruit.

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