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Automates the removal of vacuum bags from 20kg / 40lb blocks of cheese.

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H&C has been providing automated bag removal technologies since 2001.
The latest model of our Mechanical De-Bagger, also known as the DB-40-12, uses the same reliable and thoroughly tested design as a foundation but incorporates multiple technological advancements to maximise hygiene and safety.

The H&C Mechanical De-Bagger is specifically designed to handle 20kg/40lb blocks of cheese. It reliably delivers 12 de-bagged blocks per minute to the processing line, with no manual handling required.

The Mechanical De-Bagger can be used as a standalone piece of equipment or as part of a full turnkey solution.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced labour – allows staff to be re-deployed to higher value work
  • Elimination of manual handling, knives and the associated risk of injury to staff
  • Improved hygiene – removes risk of contamination through touch
  • Best in class footprint
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