Timber Storage and Stacking

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Sling sorters, bin sorters and stacker lines are suitable for a diverse range of board sizes, with options for high and low throughput operations.

MHM Automation manufactures sling sorters which can handle up to 120 pieces per minute of sawn boards.

We can offer bin sorters for speeds in excess of this speed.

We also manufacture a timber stacker with a range of infeed systems and piece counts.

The stacker can stack at up to 10 layers per minute for a diverse range of board sizes. They can be filleted by using hand filled magazines or to be automatically filled.

For stacking requirements that exceed the above layers we can offer stackers from off shore suppliers.

A stacker line includes all the necessary handling equipment and stappers if needed. De-stackers can be incorporated and we provide all the controls for such a system.

Southern Cross Engineering (SCE)

SCE is well-known for its expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing equipment within the meat, dairy, grain, timber, and infrastructure sectors across New Zealand and Australia. In 2021, we completed the acquisition of SCE.
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