Grain Drying

Drying systems for grain, wheat and other free-flowing products. A full range of mobile and fixed solutions.

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Even heating and cooling systems to help preserve grain quality.

Grain dryers are essential agricultural machines designed to remove excess moisture from harvested grain, such as corn, wheat, rice, and soybeans. This critical step in the grain harvesting process helps preserve the quality and longevity of the crop while reducing the risk of mold, spoilage, and germination.

Grain dryers utilise various techniques, including heated air and advanced technology, to accelerate the drying process. These machines are used to achieve optimal moisture levels, ensuring that crops are suitable for storage, sale, or further processing. Efficient grain drying only enhances crop quality.

Each dryer is factory tested with comprehensive quality inspections, so you know you will have a quality product from day one.

Grain Dryers

  • Predator Mobile Grain Dryer
  • Tundra Mixed Flow Grain Dryer
  • Mecmar Mobile Batch Dryers
  • Grain Guard - Direct In-Silo Dryer
  • Goliath Cascading Mixed Flow Dryer


  • Mixed Flow Quality - Mixed Flow Operations provides even heating and cooling to preserve grain quality
  • No screens to clean, clog or change!
  • Forward curved blower for substantially less noise and improved air flow
  • Effective for all grains including rapeseed, barley, wheat, rice and sunflower
  • Flame safety relay and ignition accuracy
  • Multiple burners and blowers offer flexible drying options
  • Modular design is easy to install with the capability to be expanded and customized
  • Touch screen PLC with dual moisture sensing, tracking and graphing capabilities
  • Optional remote dryer management
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