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Elevating crop quality through post-harvest polishing.

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Post-harvest polishing is a vital process in refining harvested crops to enhance their visual appeal, cleanliness and market value.

This procedure involves the removal of outer layers or impurities, resulting in a polished, more presentable product ready for distribution or further processing.

Vege-Polisher™ V2B

Our Vege-Polisher™ is the most effective vegetable polishing system in the world, improving the shelf-life of fresh produce.

With rows of nylon brushes in its rotating drum, produce undergoes washing and polishing as dual water sprays enhance the process. This elevates the appearance of fresh vegetables, driving premium packing and increased shelf presence in retail outlets.

Vege-Polisher™ V4

The V4 Vege-Polisher™ has many features including automated machine operation and improved access for maintenance and cleaning.

The Vege-Polisher™ utilises nylon brush-lined rotating drums and dual water sprays for washing and polishing produce. It enhances fresh vegetable appearance, ensuring premium packing and greater shelf presence in retail outlets. With our expertise in rotary brush drum technology, vegetables undergo top-tier washing and polishing to meet retail standards.


The Mega-Polisher is the world's largest vegetable polishing system, comprises two linked Vege-Polisher™ machines.

This system inherits proven Vege-Polisher™ features with expanded capacity. Nylon brush-lined rotating drums, coupled with water spray, clean and polish produce as they rub against each other and the brushes.

Produce enters through a large chute, undergoes washing and polishing, and exits smoothly for downstream processing. The Mega-Polisher elevates fresh vegetable appearance, leading to premium-packed produce and greater visibility on retail shelves. Wyma's brush drum proficiency guarantees vegetables meet the highest retailing standards."

Learn more: https://www.wymasolutions.com/product-category/polishing/


Wyma post-harvest vegetable and fruit handling equipment is recognised as world leading and used by processors in more than 50 countries. We added Wyma to our portfolio through an acquisition in 2023.

The Wyma product range includes bulk product handling, washing, drying, peeling, cooling, inspection, packaging and more. Complete line solutions are available for processing carrots, onions, potatoes and fruit.

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