Spiral Freezers and Chillers

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Automated freezing of un-boxed product. Suitable for cheese, poultry, fish, ready meals, bakery products, desserts and ice cream.

Specially designed spiral systems, whether serving as freezers, chillers, or coolers, boast inherent flexibility. They excel in continuous cooling, efficiently lowering the surface and core temperatures of various food items to maintain consistent production quality. These systems incorporate advanced 'guided airflow' technology, enabling the controlled circulation of air—vertically or horizontally—without exposing delicate products to excessive air currents.

These spirals cater to freezing and chilling both packaged and unpackaged food, ideal for items necessitating medium to long retention times, including ready-to-eat meals, poultry, pizza, potato products, fish, desserts, and bakery items. Custom-built to suit individual production lines, these spirals offer unparalleled adaptability. Available in site-built or compact assembled formats, they accommodate a wide array of food products, irrespective of factory space limitations, belt dimensions, direction, or setup. Moreover, they offer diverse design and control options, such as double drum or single drum configurations and the choice between low tension or direct drive conveyor belts.


  • Energy efficient - low operating costs combined with maximum performance.
  • Hygienic - accessible, clean design with deep clean sanitising systems available.
  • Simple, intelligent controls - touch screen operation with product recipe selector options.
  • Small factory footprint - for both low and high capacities with compact site built or packaged systems.
  • Superior quality - efficient, consistent freezing for highest product quality results.
  • Reliable - robust construction with low maintenance design.

Product Types

  • Double drum spiral freezer: A twin drum site built with a highly efficient spiral system, which can freeze large quantities of products within a limited space, maximising production area. Designed with a continuous spiral conveyor belt that allows for low infeed and low outfeed options.

  • Packaged spiral freezer: A pre-built, compact single drum spiral system. Delivered to site completely assembled and ready to operate for installation ease and reduced production downtime. Available with multiple conveyor belt width, configuration and material options.

  • Spiral freezer: A single drum site built high performance spiral system. The flexible and innovative design allows for a variety of width options together with different infeed and outfeed orientation to suit processing and production requirements.

We install a range of spiral freezers with our manufacturing partner Starfrost Freezing & Chilling Systems: https://www.starfrost.com/

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