A complete range of drum and disc wood chippers for low and high throughput operations.

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MHM Automation can offer a complete range of wood chippers.

This includes both Drum and Disc Chippers from as small as 15cu.m.chips/hr up to and excess of 1000cu.m.chips/hr and up to 2000KW power.

We offer the complete range of Bruks Drum Chippers which includes the former Klockner range. Included are both horizontally fed and drop fed chippers with drums up to 2 meters in diameter. These chippers are ideal for roundwood, slabs, edgings, reject boards, trim ends and veneer residue.

  • Bruks Drum Chipper EN 0509
  • Bruks New Generation Drum

We also offer the Carmanah range of disc chippers from 55” disc diameter up to 117” diameter. The Carmanah chippers incorporates designs from the former CAE and Nicholson.

Carmanah offers DISC chippers in 3 distinct styles:

  • The first, branded as the "Super Chipper" line is a premium chipper that incorporates many features and design elements not found in competitor's chippers. This includes the 55-65" Super Chippers as well as the 76" and 96" Chippers.
  • The second style includes the High Volume Whole Log Disc Chippers that offer high capacity and processing of larger wood diameters.
  • The third is our recently updated "Advantage" line which offers high performance at a reduced capital investment.

MHM Automation provides fully integrated systems for the processing of logs and timber products.

We manufacture a range of proprietary equipment under our SCE brand and integrate this with equipment from international leading brands including System TM, Stenner, Leadermac and Bruks, to provide complete solutions for sawmills and timber processors.

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