Robotic Palletising System

Efficient and reliable stacking of boxes onto pallets in high throughput operations.

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The Robotic Palletising System provides efficient and reliable stacking of boxes onto pallets. With an integrated vision system, it is capable of handling boxes of multiple shapes and sizes.

Palletising systems can be installed with multiple cells and typically include auto check-scanning, stretch wrapping and labelling.


  • Automatic palletising based on SKU or rainbow pallets
  • Pallet handling including dispensing slipsheets, barcode scanning, wrapping and labelling


  • Reduces reliance on labour
  • Eliminates manual handling to avoid injuries
  • Improves hygiene by removing human contamination points in the handling process
  • Eliminates carton damage
  • Automates barcode reading and generation of port mark label, by means of the Meat Messaging protocol


Recognised as a world leader in automated reverse packaging and product handling systems, we acquired Haden & Custance (H&C) in 2016.

While many other companies provide solutions to putting product into packaging, we are specialists in removing packaging from product ready for further processing.

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