BetaPrep Gusseter

Prepares bagged cheese blocks for vacuum sealing.

Industry Dairy Med
The BetaPrep Gusseter opens and folds flaps on the bags of 20kg (40lb) cheese blocks, so they can be delivered the BetaVac for vacuum sealing.

Its operation is fully automated and no contact is made with the product during bag opening or folding. Spot welds can be applied to hold the flap in position during transport to the BetaVac.


  • 20kg / 40lb cheese blocks
  • Packed in lay-flat or gusseted bags


  • Throughput rate of up to 7.5 blocks per minute
  • Pivot-mounted HMI which can be operated from either side of the conveyor
  • Suitable for wipe-down surface cleaning
  • Machine dimensions 1500mm wide x 1520mm deep x 1830mm high (approx)


World-renowned as the preferred option for cheese packaging systems, BetaVac was acquired by MHM Automation in 2004.

Hundreds of BetaVac vacuum packaging, testing and turning systems have been installed worldwide for some of the biggest names in dairy.

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