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Pre-Sort Line

Pre-sorting is a common practice in the fruit industry for packing at a later date based on demand. The fragile nature of fruit requires gentle handling to avoid any damage. There is a choice of dry and wet handling.

Wet handling (as in this example) is the gentlest for floating fruit, using a water unloader for bin unloading, hydro-filler for bin filling and flumes for conveying. Produce bins are stacked by forklift and an automated arm lifts and submerges the bins in the receiving tank. The produce is floated and then flumed downstream to the sorting line, where it can be dried and polished. An optical sorter is utilised to grade the produce before it is filled into storage or shipping bins and then stacked.

A line configuration such as this would suit fruit operations focused on gentlest handling, quality, and requiring the flexibility to sort and store graded fruit.

Packing Line

This packing line takes pre-sorted fruits and packs it to a retail package such as cartons, trays or bags. Fruit is received via a bin unloader onto a takeaway conveyor, where a brush roller at the infeed is used to gently control the flow out of the bin. The packing line can be designed with multiple packing lanes, either to increase packing capacity, or dedicating each lane towards specific packaging types.

A packing line such as this would suit any fruit pack-house that supplies retail customers, where freshness and time to market are just as important as brand presentation.

Automated Warehousing

Automated warehouse systems can offer significant benefits for fruit packhouses needing short term storage between pre-sorting and packing.

The automatic warehousing system provides high-speed, efficient and cost-effective bin storage solution, while providing high traceability on data records such as grower ID, quality grade, harvest date and more. Real-time data such as product in storage, age, location and process date can further help packhouses make informed and effective decisions.

Bin Handling Equipment

View our range of bin handling equipment designed for fruit processing lines, including:

  • Dry bin unloaders
  • Wet bin unloaders
  • Robotic bin handling systems
  • Bin stackers and destackers
  • Bin washing systems


Packaging and Palletising Equipment

View our range of packaging and palletising equipment designed for fruit processing lines, including:

  • Multi-head combination weighers
  • Dry and wet filling machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Palletising machines


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Wyma post-harvest vegetable and fruit handling equipment is recognised as world leading and used by processors in more than 50 countries. We added Wyma to our portfolio through an acquisition in 2023.

The Wyma product range includes bulk product handling, washing, drying, peeling, cooling, inspection, packaging and more. Complete line solutions are available for processing carrots, onions, potatoes and fruit.

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