Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

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Safely automate pallet and crate movements, even in a congested working environment.
MHM Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are a flexible, adaptable solution for automating intralogistics operations.

AMRs can safely work around people and obstacles, using dynamic digital maps and onboard camera and laser-based navigation systems. They can be quickly configured and mapped for fast implementation and are easily reprogrammed when operational needs change.

A fleet of AMRs employed at a single facility can communicate with each other to optimise traffic flow, improve operational efficiency and avoid collisions with each other. They can also integrate with production PLC systems, to provide a real-world IoT solution to a plant’s automation.

AMRs are a proven technology with an attractive return on investment (ROI).


  • Movement of product on pallets or in crates
  • Within a warehouse or production facility
  • Suitable for congested working environments

Benefits of AMRs over Pallet Conveyors

  • Greater flexibility of layout design
  • Can better accommodate small footprint operations or awkward factory layouts
  • Easily expanded to meet future needs
  • Faster, lower cost installation and commissioning
  • Less moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Spare units can be supplied to ensure uninterrupted service

Benefits of AMRs over AGVs

  • Safely works around people and obstacles
  • Lower set up cost and fast implementation
  • Co-ordination and flow – a fleet of AMRs at a single facility can co-ordinate with each other to maximise efficiency and traffic flow
  • Trackless navigation, depots not required
  • Can deliver to user locations
  • Flexible and adaptable – easy to re-map on site or remotely when products, layouts or delivery routes change
  • Easily expandable to accommodate growing production or distribution requirements
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