23 November, 2022

New technologies on display

Introducing our latest innovations - the MHM Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) and H&C Gantry Palletiser and De-Palletiser.

Last week MHM Automation invited customers to our Hastings workshop to see two of our latest technologies in action.

The MHM Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) was used to move pallets of boxes, without the need for product conveyors.

AMRs are a flexible and adaptable technology, which can safely work around people and objects. Their low cost of implementation means they have an attractive ROI.

The H&C Gantry Palletiser and De-Palletiser (SimPal50) was also demonstrated.

The SimPal50 provides an affordable and reliable alternative to a robotic palletiser or de-palletiser. Capable of handling product up to 50kg, at rates of up to eight boxes, sacks or bags per minute, it is ideal for medium throughput operations. An integrated vision system means it can also de-palletise product that is stacked in random patterns.

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