Robotic De-Bagger (DBMB)

Automates the removal of vacuum bags from multiple cheese block types and sizes.

Industry Dairy Med
The Robotic De-Bagger automates the removal of vacuum bags from multiple cheese block sizes.
Also known as the De-Bagger Multi-Block, or DBMB, it is capable of managing virtually any block size or type on-the-fly, without resets or staff inputs.

It safely and reliably removes the vacuum bag to present an undamaged, uncontaminated block to the processing line every time.

When combined with the Defect and Foreign Object Detection module, the system provides unprecedented confidence that product entering the processing line is in perfect condition, free from defects and foreign objects.

Key benefits:

  • Increased productivity with less stoppages for product changes, resets or errors
  • Risk of product contamination is removed
  • Reduced labour – allows staff to be re-deployed to higher value work
  • Eliminates manual handling, knives and associated health and safety risks for staff
  • Waste plastic is managed efficiently in specialised units


Recognised as a world leader in automated reverse packaging and product handling systems, we acquired Haden & Custance (H&C) in 2016.

While many other companies provide solutions to putting product into packaging, we are specialists in removing packaging from product ready for further processing.

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