3D De-Palletising (3DD)

Automates the removal of cartons from pallets stacked in random patterns and with multiple carton sizes.

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The 3D De-Palletiser automates the removal of cartons from pallets stacked in random patterns.

It is the first in the world to de-palletise various products in all patterns without the need to reset programming.

Also known as 3 Dimensional De-Palletising or 3DD, its vision system detects cartoned product in any configuration.

Unique programming enables optimal pickup to ensure a consistently high rate of de-palletising.

Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity with less stoppages for pallets that are not stacked in pattern or to change programming for new patterns
  • Increased speed of carton delivery to the processing line
  • Eliminates manual handling to avoid injuries caused by heavy lifting


Previously known as H&C, MHM Automation produces world-leading reverse-packaging equipment.

Our key solutions include de-palletising/re-palletising, de-boxing, de-bagging and defect detection for cheese, butter, cocoa butter, meat and logistics applications.

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