Universal Robotic Box Cutter (UBC)

Opens boxes of varying shapes and sizes, without operator intervention. Suitable for hygienic wash down.

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Open boxes of varying shapes and sizes the safe, hygienic and efficient way with the Universal Robotic Box Cutter.

Also known as the Universal Box Cutter, or UBC, this machine has been developed to remove the need for operators to manually open boxes or cartons using knives.

The UBC uses vision technology to scan the box and determine its size and shape. Information is then passed to the robot to make adjustments to the cut profile, on the fly, without the need for operator intervention.

It is capable of cutting box straps and bands, and adapts automatically to handle damaged boxes.

Key Benefits

  • Handles multiple box formats at the same time
  • Operator input not required for box size and shape changes
  • Reduced labour – allows staff to be redeployed to higher value work
  • Eliminates manual handling, knives and the associated risk of injury
  • Removes risk of product contamination by operators
  • Sanitary design with full wash down compatibility


Recognised as a world leader in automated reverse packaging and product handling systems, we acquired Haden & Custance (H&C) in 2016.

While many other companies provide solutions to putting product into packaging, we are specialists in removing packaging from product ready for further processing.

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