Robotic De-Boxing Cell (DDRP-MB)

Industry Dairy Med
De-palletise, de-box, re-palletise and process multiple blocks the efficient way with the Robotic De-Boxing Cell.
This modular multi-format de-boxing/de-cartoning system (DDRP-MB™) unit uses the MHM Automation proprietary box/carton removal technology and is designed to handle multiple box types. The unit incorporates revolutionary innovations that give you unparalleled flexibility and system simplicity.

The Robotic De-Boxing Cell will safely and reliably remove the outer packaging presenting an undamaged, wrapped block every time.

The benefits of automating the box removal process are:

  • Reduced labour – allows staff to be re-deployed to higher value work
  • Elimination of manual handling and the associated risk of injury to staff
  • A single system able to handle multiple block and carton formats
  • Removed risk of product contamination
  • Reduced risk of accidentally cutting the bag
  • Waste corrugate managed effectively
  • Best in class footprint


Recognised as a world leader in automated reverse packaging and product handling systems, we acquired Haden & Custance (H&C) in 2016.

While many other companies provide solutions to putting product into packaging, we are specialists in removing packaging from product ready for further processing.

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