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Detects mould, defects and foreign objects on the surface of dairy blocks.

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The H&C Mould Detection Unit is a visual defect recognition system that detects anomalies on the surface of dairy blocks, based on colour.
Also known as the Defect and Foreign Object Detection system or DFOD, it was developed to provide the critical control point after blocks are de-bagged, prior to further processing such as slicing or shredding.

The H&C Mould Detection Unit is the first in the world to automate inspection for visible mould and clear plastic bag residue after de-bagging.

It can also inspect the product through the vacuum bag prior to debagging, reducing downtime due to contamination of the line.

The unit can handle varying formats from 10kg/20lb to 20kg/40lb blocks. All six sides of each block can be inspected at a rate of up to 23 blocks per minute.

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