26 January, 2024

Results for Special Shareholder Meeting for the Scheme

MHM Automation shareholders vote in favour of Scheme.

Shareholders in MHM Automation Limited have voted in favour of the scheme of arrangement, under which 100% of the shares in MHM will be acquired by Merlin NZD Bidco Limited (Bettcher NZ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bettcher Industries, Inc.

At the Scheme meeting held today, the resolution to approve the Scheme was passed by the requisite majorities of shareholders – 75% or more of the votes cast and more than 50% of the total number of MHM shares on issue. The results of the Scheme meeting are detailed in the accompanying table.
The Scheme remains subject to final orders being granted by the High Court and satisfaction of other customary implementation conditions. If the remaining conditions are satisfied or (if capable of waiver) waived, it is anticipated that the Scheme will be implemented, and shareholders will be paid NZ$1.70 per share, on 6 March 2024.

At the Scheme meeting, MHM's shareholders were asked to vote on the special resolution outlined below:
That the Scheme (the terms of which are described in the Scheme Booklet) be and is hereby approved.
For the purposes of the resolution, the "Scheme Booklet" is the Scheme Booklet dated 18 December 2023. As required by NZX Listing Rules 6.1, the voting was conducted by a poll.
Details of the total number of votes cast in person, online or by a proxy holder are:

That the Scheme (the terms of which are described in the Scheme Booklet) be and is hereby approved

For: 77,092,495, 99.96%
Against: 28,206, 0.04%
Abstain: 6,616

For further information in relation to this announcement please contact:
Trevor Burt, Chair
MHM Automation
+64 (027 502 0050

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