11 October, 2023

Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Form

The annual meeting for MHM Automation (NZX: MHM) is to be held on Wednesday, 8 November 2023, in Christchurch.

Notice is hereby given that the 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders of MHM Automation Limited (the Company) will be held at Wyma Solutions, 928 Halswell Junction Road, Islington, Christchurch 8042, and online at www.virtualmeeting.co.nz/mhm23, on Wednesday, 8 November 2023, commencing at 2:00pm (New Zealand time).


a. Chair's and Chief Executive's Review

b. Shareholder questions

c. Ordinary business – Resolutions (1 to 4)

To consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following resolutions:

Election and Rotation of Directors

Resolution 1 - Election of Director: Andrew James Barclay
That Andrew James Barclay being a nominee for the office of director be elected as director of the Company. The Company notes that, in accordance with clause 10.4 of the constitution, Andrew was appointed by the board as a director of the Company on 1 May 2023 until the 2023 Annual Meeting, and is eligible for election as director of the Company.

Resolution 2 - Re-Election of Director: Trevor John Burt
That Trevor John Burt, who retires as a director and, being eligible offers himself for re-election by shareholders, be re-elected as a director.

Resolution 3 - Re-Election of Director: Richard George Rookes
That Richard George Rookes, who retires as a director and, being eligible offers himself for reelection by shareholders, be re-elected as a director.

Please see the accompanying explanatory notes for biographical details.

Appointment of Auditors

Resolution 4 – Re-appointment of Auditor
To record the re-appointment of BDO as auditors of the Company and to authorise the Directors to fix the auditor's remuneration.

General Business


The only persons entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting are registered shareholders (or their proxies or representatives) as at 2:00pm on Monday, 6 November 2023, being not later than 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Only the shares registered in those shareholders’ names at that time may be voted at the Annual Meeting. Voting can be done by appointing a proxy to vote on your behalf at the Meeting; or by participating in the Meeting and voting.

Your right to vote may be exercised by:

  • attending the meeting and voting in person;
  • attending the online meeting and voting online, or
  • appointing a proxy (or representative) to attend the meeting and vote in your place (Proxy)

If you are attending the meeting in person, please bring the enclosed voting form that will act as your admission card to the meeting.

    How to appoint a proxy

    If you are not able to attend the annual meeting, either in person or online, but wish to appoint a Proxy to attend the meeting and vote on your behalf, you can appoint a Proxy online at https://investorcentre.linkgro.... You will be required to enter your CSN/Holder Number and Authorisation Code (FIN). If you do not have a FIN number, please contact Link Market Services at 09 375 5998 or enquiries@linkmarketservices.com; or – complete and return your proxy form in accordance with the instructions on the form.

    Your completed proxy form must be received by Link Market Services, or your Proxy appointment lodged online, by no later than 2:00pm (New Zealand time) on Monday, 6 November 2023. If you wish, you may appoint the Chair of the meeting as your proxy. To do so, please write “Chair of the \meeting” in the relevant section. The Chair will vote according to your instructions. If the Chair is not instructed how to vote, the Chair will vote as he thinks fit.

    How to attend the Online Meeting

    Shareholders will be able to attend and participate in the Meeting virtually via an online platform provided by MHM’s share registrar, Link Market Services at
    www.virtualmeeting.co.nz/mhm23. If you will be attending online, you will require your Holder Number for verification purposes.

    Shareholders attending and participating in the Meeting virtually via the online platform will be able to vote and ask questions during the Meeting. More information regarding virtual attendance at the Meeting (including how to vote and ask questions virtually during the Meeting) is available in the Virtual Annual Meeting Online Portal Guide, which is available at https://bcast.linkinvestorserv...

    Notice of Annual Meeting Shareholder Proxy Form