24 October, 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting Presentation and Results

A copy of the presentation shared and a summary of resolutions passed at the 2019 AGM.

AGM Presentation

The presentation shared at the AGM can be downloaded below. This contains highlights of financial performance, financial position, an update on each business operating unit and the outlook for the 2020 financial year.

Resolutions passed at the 2019 Annual Meeting of shareholders

At the Mercer Group Limited Annual Meeting held on 23 October 2019 the shareholders passed all the resolutions, on a show of hands.

The three ordinary resolutions passed by shareholders were:

Resolution 1 - That Mr Paul Smart be re-elected as a Director of the Board.

Resolution 2 - That Mr George Rolleston be elected as a Director of the Board.

Resolution 3 - That BDO be appointed as auditor of the Company and that the directors be authorised to fix the auditors' fee and expenses.

The following special resolution was also passed by a show of hands.

Resolution 4 - The existing constitution of the Company is to be revoked and a new constitution be adopted with effect from the closing of the 2019 Annual Meeting.

2019 AGM Presentation